Welcome to Pumps Australia

Pumps Australia Pty Ltd was established in the late 1990’s giving a reputable name and history behind the products and services in which it serves. Our team at Pumps Australia has more than 50 years of specialist experience in High Pressure Water and General Pumping Applications to make a reputable pumping engineering firm.

As started as a small family operated business has now become a key company in the manufacture and supply of High Pressure Water and General Pumping Products across Australia. Pumps Australia has continually strived to develop new and improved designs and applications to make sure customer satisfaction is always a priority to us. With a focus to Research & Development, Pumps Australia is always looking for new and improved ways to make a more efficient Pumping Solution for you.

We are Pumping Specialists with a strong background in High Pressure Water, Transfer & Solids Pumping, Mine Site Dewatering and Oil & Gas Pressure Cleaning Systems and the General Heavy Duty Contractor Pressure Cleaning. With a huge amount of stock ex PERTH, we carry W.A’s biggest amount of High Pressure Water Parts & Accessories for every day-to-day use.

Pumps Australia is proud to support HONDA small engines and as a HONDA OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) we are always striving to move hand-in-hand with quality Companies and Products to make sure the market place can ensure a quality driven product with Backed Service and Support every day of the year.

Pumps Australia has Trained Technicians and Skilled Engineers ready to talk to you with any enquiry or question you may need answering in the High Pressure Cleaning & General Pumping World. Feel Free to Contact us at the “Contact Us” tab on the top right.

All your SPARE PARTS and ACCESSORIES at one place. We have the BIGGEST range of spare parts ex-stock for all you cleaning and pumping needs to make sure you are always on the go with the latest in Industrial and Heavy Duty gear for your equipment.
Need some help to develop your own Cleaning System, Pumping Setup or to help you develop your Niche in the Market Place? Pumps Australia are Industry Professionals and Engineers of Developing something for you. With Proven track history of hundreds of custom jobs, take a look to see what we’ve done to help people get their jobs done and business’s started!
Take a look at end of month and overstocked items for your chance to pick up a real BARGAIN. Pumps Australia endeavours to make sure there is always a bargain to be had no matter what type of Industry you are in. Have a look today!